Tim's Burning Man Pics

These are some of The pictures I took at Burning Man 2003


Minutes after arrival, we start the important business of drinking...
Biggest cardboard Structure I've ever seen
The cardboard Pods were most impressive
Getting the groove on under the shade structure
Margot doing the same
Another Groover
Erika and Mike
Almost finished on the temple
Its a long way to Mos Eisley
Sunset in a duststorm by a graveyard
My sentiments exactly
I wonder how a cop would react if he pulled this over ?
Flaming hand
The big Kite fly
Arr me hearties
Old in joke
Sunset on the Playa
looking the other way
the Dragon
Moby Dick
Fire dancing on the Playa
a totally weird art car contraption
garden of lights
the MAN! by night
looks like a dog, but you can ride it...
Fire Dancing near Base camp
More Dancing
An interesting shot...
The ThunderDome
A Giant Art fire blowpipe
A flaming willo the wisp caught in a tube
A weird spinning thing that transfixed me for a while
Totally cool framework, gas filled and lit with people dancing around it
a Dragon
Cheeky Monkey
we all live in a ... blue ... submarine
Margot, Pat, Tim, Jack and Erika
Pat and Jack
The illuminati are everywhere
A Burn right next to the giant Boom Box place (not boombox camp)
A helium balloon, a cable with lights and a long exposure...
The Aliens have Landed
The Cardboard temple by night
The man looking from the temple area
Close up
Looking along the "laser" towards central camp
Dusty Jack
Hairy Tim
Girl waitimg for a "Burn" firedancer permit


Just after sunser, nice pink clouds
The Man, just before the burn, and before the left side cable broke...
Flaming fishmobile
Firedancers around the man before the burn
More Firedancers, there must have been hundreds of them...
I like firedancers - did I mention that?
The man after tha breakage, with the firedancers
looks like a dragon
interesting patters
The start of the Burn...
Burn baby burn
more impressive pyrotechnics
the man starts to burn
the end of the fireworks and now the man really begins to burn
its a HUGE pyre of flame
the man engulfed in flames
The flames climbing high into the pitch black sky
Higher and higher until...
The Man Waving Farewell
Man Down...
Tim, Jack and Margot with the burn in the background
Total burn time 15 minutes (according to the timestamps on the photos)
Its a 4 poster art car !
A giant crayfish

Q. What type of cars do Pirates drive on the Playa ?

A. Arrrrrt Cars

Grooving after the burn under the shade structure
Jack with some people that I don't know (but we did all agree that the asian girl was hot)
here she is again
La La (aka Suzie) and Mike
Mike and Tim
Margot and Suzie
That cute asian girl and Jack
Pat and Erika
Tim and Pat
Tim and Margot
Barman (not postman) Pat
Thar' she blows
Hmmm, Pat, Jack and Erika, somewhat worse for wear...
Biiiig Grins from Margot and Tim
Icarus and Margot
Icarus doing a headstand
Some random girls I met
Margot and the girls
Girl #1
Girl #2
The space virgins temple
Two imposing figures
with a grin like the Mona Lisa
Looking Scarey
Battle in the Thunderdome
"Two men enter, one man leaves"
our own private Thunderdome
All sorts of people wanted to be arrested by her...
Glass blowing inthe middle of the Playa
Tim and Jack
Outstanding hat
more random people
random people in a group shot
Fluffy Bunny !
Dmitrii and Jack
Dmitrii and Tim
Dmitrii by flamelight
Some guy experiencing Absinthe for the first time...
Weird space mural
light wall
lady in red (and fuzzy red too)
Giant EL fish
Got any marshmallows?
Fire = Warm
Inside a dome
The morning after...

All these pics were taken at 2MP (1600x1200) resolution, but I'll be putting much smaller versions up here, for a few reasons, the first bunch is to do with size, space and speed, the second bunch is to do with rights to these images - I took these pictures (except where I state otherwise), I'm proud of them, I want people to see them. However I (Tim Cox) retain all rights, now and in perpetuity (that'd be 'forever' for those thieving bastards out there).

That said, if you email me nicely, I'll consider sending you a larger copy...




This next bunch of Photos were taken by Margot, she of course retains copyright etc and you can contact her through me if you'd like a particular photo.


Margot and Dmitrii
Nice cat (& sign)
A giant Penis mobile
Sunset over the Pods during a dust storm
Flag art on the Playa
Climbing frame
The temple from afar
The temple up close
Erika on a "Mayan" pyramid
Duality of man
Arty Pic
Dust Devil
Temple of Gravity
People climbing on the suspended rocks
in the shade
A dust cloud, how unusual ;-)
The tower of Babel
Roller coaster thing (I forget its name)
Metaphor for life
Dusty sunset
Drew - K.P.O.D....